The Intelligent Biomedical Clothes endeavor reported was started at the Information Society Technologies (IST) by the European Commission with the project WEALTHY in September 2002. This project aimed at developing a "Wearable Healthcare System" by exploring the capability of combining smart sensors in fiber and yarn form, advanced signal processing and modern telecommunication systems, the whole on a textile platform.

Several years later, while WEALTHY has been able to go beyond the original objectives and is seeking its way towards industrialization and mass production, several other projects have been co-granted by the European Commission to extend the work in this field. They are listed in the table below.

Summary of the projects

The following projects in the field of Smart Fabrics, Interactive Textiles are co-financed by the European Commission, Information Societies Technologies, in the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes.

Acronym Project name Type Start End Presentation Coordinator Number of partners Overall budget (M€)
MyHeart Fighting cardiovascular diseases by preventive lifestyle & early diagnosis IP Jan 2004 Sep 2007 MyHeart (477KB) Philips 33 33
BIOTEX Bio-Sensing Textiles to Support Health Management STREP Sep 2005 Feb 2008 BIOTEX (178KB) CSEM 8 3.1
PROETEX Protection e-Textiles: MicroNanostructured fibre systems for Emergency-Disaster Wear IP Feb 2006 Jan 2010 PROETEX (1322KB) CNR-INFM 23 12.8
STELLA Stretchable Electronics for Large Area Applications IP Feb 2006 Jan 2010 STELLA (127KB) FFD-KG 11 13.2
OFSETH Optical Fibre Sensors Embedded into technical Textile for Healthcare STREP Mar 2006 Jun 2009 OFSETH (809KB) Mutlitel 11 2.3
CONTEXT Contactless sensors for body monitoring integrated in textiles STREP Jan 2006 Jun 2008 CONTEXT (893KB) Philips 6  
MERMOTH Medical Remote Monitoring of Clothes CRAFT 2003 2006 MERMOTH (274KB) CENTEXBEL 9 1.7
SYSTEX Coordination action for enhancing the breakthrough of intelligent textile systems (e-textiles and wearable microsystems) CA 2008 2011   Lieva Van Langenhove 0.8 0.8


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